Example post for SMAC

        Hello! My name is T0xic, and I am hoping to be a reporter on SMAC. The remainder of this “Example Post” will be about me, who I am and my history with club penguin. I hope you enjoy my style of writing and consider adding me to the amazing team of writers that SMAC has assembled.

       My name is T0xic, but I previously was called by my original Club Penguin name, Limadude. I joined the world of Club Penguin on August 6, 2007. This was way back before Disney owned it, in what people call “Old Club Penguin”. I know everything there is to know about Club Penguin. Now, to a darker side of my past. I got into making a Club Penguin Private Server called CPPSX1. Google that if you want some information. Unfortunately some of the major CPPS builders didn’t like us and shut us down by hacking our site. From there I got into some of the hacking scene, and you know how that is… I am not going to focus on this because I no longer do anything involving hacks. Now, back to my Club Penguin history. I used to have a Club Penguin Cheat blog with Pengton and a bunch of other users. Unfortunatly we got older, and as school began taking over our lives we had to merge with a larger, more professional cheats site. I also was in the Ice Hounds as President (I left the Ice Hounds for personal reasons but that’s not important). I was in a lot of other armies and blogs, but after 7 years it would be impossible to list them all. I have been laying low since I left Ice Hounds, but I am ready to get back into the writing scene. I thank you for your time and consideration. Take your time, and if you decide to give me the honor of being a reporter please feel free to contact/add me to WordPress with the following email: Limadudecp@gmail.com . I have been involved with many of news stories, and I have always wanted to work here. Also feel free contact Pengton19, because we talk frequently and he could easily let me know if I happened to be offline.


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Who we are

Hello, I am T0xic, and we are the Ice Hound Resistance. Me, Peng, and Coolman were in the Ice Hounds, and realized how corrupt it was. We knew there was no way to stop this corruption except to teach them an unforgettable lesson. The lesson? The people rule the army, the leaders just keep it together. So here we are. If you are sick of the Ice hounds, join the force. You will find me at xat.com/IHROFCP

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Anybody Here

Its been over a year. If you see this, Make a comment below 😀 thanks!

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Due to many reasons we are merging to this cheat site.

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Remember our old blogspot? Some people say we died when we transfered to wordpress. So!!! YOU VOTE! Do you want blogger or wordpress?

P.s.  If nobody comments we MIGHT merge to another site. To see what our blogspot was click here. It was my first blog so i never got the guts to delete it. The post redirecting you all here is still there! (if you want access on this or other blog comment your wordpress/blogspot email!

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New site being made UPDATED

It will give you the most up to date stuff on glitches. I have been doing some glitch finding and i am doing things you cant imagine. I can get into the treehouse from the old medevil party and the EPF construction room from earlier. Its amazing. When i post the link i hope you take a look!


Its me again! Click here for the site and make sure you read intro!

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Herbert tracker (late)

Sorry. I forgot to post this. i think hes gone :-(. Here is herbert tracker though…

Herbert Tracker

I do have good news though! We MIGHT…Im not sure but we might get an app for IOS. (Ipad,Iphone,Itouch etc.). Iwill post more soon. If you know any free app making sites COMMENT!




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